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My biol 207 practice exam questions are so funny! Too bad I have no idea how to answer it…

You are studying the gene Bieber (Bie) in Drosophila. A Bie4 amorphic mutant, when homozygous, dies at the pupal stage of development (pupae don’t make it to adulthood). You want to test the hypothesis that adding a normal Bie+ gene will rescue the Bie4 (amorph) phenotype in flies (ie. If it will let them live).  You intend to do this by using a Bie+ transgene and testing for complementation, since you already have the Bie+ gene sequence cloned.

You use a transposon containing the full length Bieber gene (Bie+ ) to try and rescue the amorphic phenotype (death at the pupal stage). 
Several transformed lines of Bie+  were obtained, called L1- L4.
L1 & L2 were able to rescue.”

Happy girl, happy girl :)


The Celtics & Nets got into a little skirmish this evening.

Hahahaha. Fuck this is so good. Screegin a dreegie, all day long!


Dolan is my hero


Dolan is my hero

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Ahhh! Movember starts tomorrow!

I’m probably more excited than I should be, but there is seriously nothing hotter than guys with facial hair. Seriously. I mean, I can’t touch, but I’m sure as hell going to look! Plus, I’m going to convince Nik do it anyways. Bring on the beards/moustaches, boys! ;)

Well. Stress has now turned to pure rage. The next person to even look at me the wrong way is dead. I fucking mean it.


"Down on your knees, you just don’t look so tall."

Addicted to this song right now!


Just another kick-ass weekend.

I had such a good weekend!!! Nik, Nathan, Troy and I went to the Oil Kings vs. Hitmen game on Friday, and even though I didn’t get to throw my beer at that dummy Hitmen center Brassart who bullied me in the first grade (talk about a grudge, right?!) it was still a great time. Second row seats at the blue line, but the Kings lost in a shootout. Then after the game we went to The Pint and split 3 table kegs between the four of us haha… Then on Saturday Ashleigh and Mike came up to Edmonton to celebrate Ashleigh’s birthday! We spent the afternoon at West Ed, and then ended up at the strippers that night. There were 7 of us out in total, so that was also really fun! Then today, I spent pretty much the entire day with my good buddy TJ. We went to Chianti’s for some delicious pasta, had a really good talk, watched Footloose, and then got ice cream! The only lame thing was that I literally got no homework or studying in this weekend, so I have to spend this week catching up. It was definitely worth it though! Good friends and good times are the best ever :)